“True Blood” will be airing its series finale on Sunday, Aug. 24, at 9 p.m. EDT. And what better way to bid our favorite Bon Temps residents farewell than through a vampire-themed fang-banger?

So, invite us in, pop open some Tru Blood and sink your teeth into these to die for party ideas in celebration of the Season 7 finale of the hit HBO series. After we’re through with you, we bet you won’t even need to glamour your guests into thinking you’re the King/Queen of vampire bashes.

When your friends arrive, greet them with a pair of their very own fangs. You can purchase these pearly – and pointy – whites at Party City for 99 cents.

But once you bring out your “True Blood” party snacks and beverages, you should anticipate for your guests to put their real chompers to work.


- For your vampire-weary guests serve up this delicious Roasted Garlic Crostini. After your friends devours this dish we doubt any vampire would want get too close.

- This snack also doubles as a weapon! Throw Prosciutto – or any other food of your preference – on tooth picks to ward off blood-sucking vampires.

- Are your guests looking for something to quickly scoff down during the series finale of “True Blood”? Well, then these blood shooters (tomato soup) and mini grilled cheeses will be deliciously perfect.

- A “True Blood” party won’t be complete unless your guests are taking handfuls of blood-splattered popcorn! All you’ll need is some red icing color to make it look like your corny treat met the true death.


- Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday we were watching Sookie grief-eat half of Gran’s pecan pie? We promise no one will sob while gobbling down your sweet treats! Try whipping up these Pecan Bars for guests in honor of the late, great Adele Stackhouse.

- Your friends will be totally spooked when you serve up a batch of these cupcakes that just so happen to look like a vampire took a bite out of.

- Feeling creative? The whip up a dozen of these vampire caramel apples for your friends with a sweet fang.


- Make yourself a garlic wreath to ward of vampires from your party.

- Major props will be given to the host who manages to stuff their very own coffin with a few drinks. eBay has your back with a plethora of caskets to choose from.


-  It’s not a “True Blood” party until someone contracts Hep V! So, be a prepared host and serve up a Hep-V vaccine cocktail shot for guests. You can purchase a pack of 25 Jello Shot Syringes for your 21+ older friends at the low cost of $13.99 on Amazon.

- Bloody Mary’s are so overrated! Instead, try a Bloody Punch Bowl to give your party an edge.

-  Your friends may be on edge because “True Blood” is ending so give them (if they’re 21+ of course) a glass of Vampire wine to help calm their nerves.

-  For those trubies who are feeling feisty, give them this Blood Orange margarita to enjoy during your series finale party.


- Pin the fangs on the vampire will help bring your party to life – or should we say death?

- Remember your series finale party by snapping photos with friends in your "True Blood" photo booth. All you’ll need is a pair of these bad-boys to make it a memory that’ll last forever.

How are you celebrating the series finale of “True Blood”? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know how you stayed true until the end.