“True Blood” fans have been following Sookie Stackhouse’s love life since Season 1 premiered in 2008. The half-faerie has found herself in the arms of numerous good-looking men throughout the past couple of seasons -- dead and alive. However, nobody has managed to lock down the gorgeous Southern blonde. With the series finale to be shown on HBO Sunday, Aug. 24, will Sookie find her happily-ever-after?

Viewers will never forget Sookie’s immediate attraction to Bill when he first walked into Merlotte’s bar in Episode 1. Struggling with her telepathic abilities, Sookie found solace in the fact that she couldn’t hear Bill’s thoughts. Despite their differences, the pair developed a steamy romantic relationship. And their love for each other was so strong that Bill even proposed to her at the end of Season 2. However, Sookie didn’t immediately say, ‘Yes,’ when Bill popped the question. Instead, she panicked and excused herself to think it over. When she realized she did want to marry Bill, she ran back out -- but, unfortunately, by that point Bill had been kidnapped.

True Blood Sookie Bill Sookie and Bill Photo: HBO

Sookie didn’t give up on Bill when he disappeared. Turning to Eric for help in finding him, the vampire sheriff set her up with a werewolf who owed him a favor -- Alcide.

Both Sookie and Alcide were mentally unavailable when they first met. However, others could see the connection between the pair. Their close relationship spurred some major jealousy from Alcide’s werewolf ex, Debbie. But Sookie and Alcide did not hook up -- until Season 4, when she accidentally threw up on him. The two finally got their timing right at the end of Season 6. Alcide moved into Sookie’s house, and the pair seemed happy to be together. However, Sookie admitted to Arlene after Alcide’s untimely death in Season 7 that she never fully gave her heart to him, because it still belonged to Bill.

True Blood sookie alcide Sookie and Alcide Photo: HBO

“True Blood” fans watched as Sookie and Bill rekindled their love in Season 7, but in-between a couple of seasons she also developed a brief relationship with Eric. Initially at odds with the Viking vampire, Sookie fell for him when his memory was wiped clean by a witch named Marnie. Their relationship didn’t last when he regained his memory, but the two remained good friends afterward.

True Blood sookie eric Sookie and Eric Photo: True Blood

As for Sam? The Merlotte’s owner made his feelings for Sookie very clear at the start of the series, but the feelings weren’t mutual. Sam has since moved on with Nicole, and moved out of Bon Temps in Episode 9. So far, Sookie has only considered Sam a good friend on the HBO show, but fell in love with him at the end of Charlaine Harris’s “Sookie Stackhouse” book series.

True Blood sookie sam Sookie and Sam Photo: HBO

Sookie’s complicated love life will finally wrap up when HBO shows the Season 7 finale Sunday.

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