“True Blood’s” seventh season is set to be its last, but shed no tears. The long-running HBO series will be going out with a bang, and the latest scoop is that characters of “True Blood” past will be returning.

E! News is reporting that characters – dead or alive – from the past seasons of “True Blood” will show up for “surprise cameos” in Season 7. But who will be rising from the grave? Terry Bellefleur’s Todd Lowe refused to spill any secrets from the coming season.

“Now, I can’t promise that you will or will not see Terry again, so I got to be mum on that,” Lowe told E! News. “Can’t say too much more. I think I’ve already said too much. I know that it’s the right time for the show to go out.”

“True Blood” fans will have to wait and see who will be returning to Bon Temps, but we’ve got our own dream list. Check out nine dead or MIA characters we want to see return in the seventh and final season of “True Blood:

Terry Bellefleur

Kind-hearted Terry Bellefleur has been in our hearts since Season 1. The war vet was killed off in Season 6 when he became overwhelmed by guilt and asked a fellow ex-Marine to end his life. Unfortunately Arlene didn’t know this, and asked a vampire to clear his conscience. He was shot outside of Merlotte’s shortly after.


True Blood Godric Photo: HBO

Godric, Eric’s maker, died in Season 2. But he showed up as a spirit to see Eric in season 3, 4 and 5. With Eric’s life left hanging in the air at the end of Season 6, we’d love to see Godric visit his “son” one more time.

Russell Edgington

True Blood Russell Edginton Photo: HBO

Russell Edgington is definitely in our list of top five favorite “True Blood” characters. Starting off as the former vampire king of Mississippi when he was introduced in Season 3, Russell went on a crazy killing spree after the death of his lover and progeny, Talbot. Bill and Eric buried him under concrete, and in Season 5 he managed to break out – wreaking havoc once again but this time as the Chancellor of the new “Authority.” Bent on getting his fangs into some faerie blood, Russell’s distraction ended up being his weakness. He was staked by Eric in Season 5.

Jesus Velasquez

True Blood Jesus Velasquez Photo: HBO

Jesus and Lafayette were an amazing couple, but their relationship was cut short when a possessed Lafayette killed his boyfriend. Jesus has reappeared as a spirit, though.

Steve Newlin

True Blood Steve Newlin Photo: HBO

Like Russell Edgington, Steve Newlin is in our list of top five “True Blood” characters. Starting off as the leader of the Fellowship of the Sun, Newlin was ultimately turned into a vampire by the supernatural creatures that hated him. He used his new situation to become a vampire advocate on TV, and ended up tagging along with Edgington at the Authority. His time on Earth ran up though when his ex-wife, Sarah, burned him in the sunlight. Steve’s final words were: “I love you, Jason Stackhouse!”


True Blood Lorena Photo: HBO

Lorena was Bill’s longtime lover and maker. The pair used to go on murder sprees before Bill begged her to set him free. She was killed in Season 3 by Sookie and Bill.

Hoyt Fortenberry

True Blood Hoyt Fortenberry Photo: HBO

Hoyt seemed like one of the few remaining humans in Bon Temps. After finding out about Jessica and Jason’s hookup, he began to spin out of control. He ultimately decided to move to Alaska and asked Jessica to erase his memory. Hoyt was missing for the entire sixth season.

Crystal Norris

True Blood Crystal Norris Photo: HBO

Whatever happened with Jason’s werepanther story line? Despite Crystal’s efforts, Jason never turned. He ran away from Crytstal’s HotShot compound in Season 4, and “True Blood” fans never saw Crystal again.

Debbie Pelt

True Blood Debbie Pelt Photo: HBO

Debbie was never really stable. The on-and-off werewolf girlfriend of Alcide went off the deep end when Alcide caught her with Marcus. When Marcus died, she snuck into Sookie’s house to kill her. But when she tried to shoot Sookie, Tara jumped in the way. To get revenge for Tara’s death, Sookie shot Debbie in the face at the end of Season 4.

Season 7 of “True Blood” will premiere on HBO on June 22 at 9 p.m. EDT. Who do you want to see return to “True Blood”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.