Fangs were out at New York Comic Con on Friday, Oct. 11. “True Blood” stars Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam) and Lauren Bowles (Holly) glamoured fangbangers when they appeared at the special panel for the long-running HBO vampire drama.

Those in attendance were dying to know about the upcoming seventh and final season but the actresses were tight lipped … mainly because the show doesn’t start filming the new season until January. Fortunately the stars were more than happy to talk about the drama that went down in the season 6 finale of “True Blood.”

Pam And Eric

When a maker releases its protégé they can no longer feel a bond between them. Bauer van Straten dished to the Comic Con audience that she fought the “True Blood” writers when they decided to have Eric release Pam shortly after she made Tara. This season Pam and Eric found their eternal lives at risk while at the vampire camp run by Governor Burrell – which is one of the reasons why the writers severed the bond between them previously. Despite Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) and Kristin Bauer van Straten being against the release, the writers explained that they didn’t want the vampires running to each other when they felt the other one in danger. But according to Bauer van Straten that was never an issue in the past. The actress told the crowd that Skarsgard joked, “I was burning at the stake [in season 4] and Pam was nowhere to be found.”

Eric’s Fate And The Book

At the end of season 6 Eric flew off into the sky after helping save the vampires at the camp. The last image that fans had of Eric was him naked and reading the 1912 Swedish novel, “Den Allvarsamma Leken,” … before exposing his penis and bursting into flames.

The International Business Times asked Bauer van Straten about the fan conspiracy that the book Eric was reading was more than a prop … and she had no idea! “All I heard about was Eric’s penis,” Bauer van Straten joked of the scene. But she did promise she’d ask about the book conspiracy.

Holly’s Decision

Bowles added that she was actually uncertain of one of Holly’s actions in the season 6 finale. Viewers will remember that the episode ended with a majority of Bon Temps (human and vampire) residents at Bellefleur’s barbeque. The shindig was part of a plan from Mayor Sam Merlotte to have vampires pair up with non Hep V carrying humans as a form of protection.

Bowles told fans that she was, “confused why [Holly] wasn’t with Andy at the party.” However after talking to the “True Blood” writers they explained to her that Holly is an independent woman who has her sons to look out for … and the only way to survive with these infected vampires running around is if you hook up with someone at the party.

Season 7 of “True Blood” starts filming in January for a summer 2014 premiere.