True Green Energy Group, – the dynamic clean tech-focused company based in the Philippines, reported some exciting news today, including the kick off of their road show to promote the Biosphere MKV system for waste gasification.

Founder and CEO of True Green Energy Group, Ronald Flynn, detailed the other news, including the deployment of the Philippines’ first Material Recycling Facility (MRF), a public offering and the extension of a specific amount of shares/warrants in TGEG Canada Limited (TGG.DB).

The Biosphere Technology, originally developed by Global Environmental Energy Corp. (GEECF.PK), is an ideal platform for True Green, boasting impressive energy-from-waste capabilities that stand to revolutionize disposal of veritably any form of waste.

The capacity of such technology to devour landfills as well as newly made garbage, while pumping clean energy into the grid, is nothing short of a paradigm shift for existing disposal techniques. The Biosphere process is both self-sustaining (after the initial charge) and environmentally friendly, even yielding commercially viable end-products.

True Green stands poised to capitalize on this revolutionary gasification technology in a global market eager for precisely such waste management and energy generation solutions. The Company actually started the road show in late November, presenting in multiple cities in a fashion geared specifically towards international brokers, institutional investors and large stockholders.

Dynamically configuring each presentation to the target audience has proved to be a very successful strategy and each audience has had their information needs carefully met by the Company’s skilled management team.

This is the portrait of a company dedicated to the happiness of its shareholders, aggressive in terms of pursuing its mission objectives and ideally positioned thanks to a robust technology portfolio that is in high-demand and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.