Sam Nunberg, one of the eight paid advisers to Donald Trump’s campaign, has been fired over a Facebook post he does not remember writing. The August 2007 post was used as a reference in a story that gave a number of examples of Nunberg’s “racial history” on the social networking website.

Business Insider reported Nunberg “has a tendency to make controversial comments about minorities.” It referred to Nunberg’s 2007 post where he allegedly said: "Meeting Rev. Sharpton, no joke -- he will tell him that his daughter is N—-!”

The story was apparently enough to to get fired Nunberg from Trump’s presidential campaign. Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski said in a statement Nunberg’s termination from the Donald J. Trump for President campaign was effective immediately.

Nunberg graduated as a lawyer from Touro Law Center in Long Island. He is an associate of Roger Stone, another controversial adviser in the Trump campaign. According to reports, Nunberg has been paid $15,139 from the Trump organization since April.

Nunberg said he did not remember writing the Facebook post. He also said that he was not working for Trump’s campaign when the comment was posted. A spokesperson for the Trump campaign said Trump would not tolerate such statements from anybody in his campaign.

Politico reported this was not the first time the Trump organization had terminated Nunberg. The adviser was terminated in early 2014 after a controversial BuzzFeed profile. However, he was rehired by the organization later in the year.