Tax evasion and discontinuance of paying installments to banks are two examples of the reason why these cars are held in custody. The issue of having overlapping cars at storage areas has been irrelevant so, the government decided to publicly sell them at low prices to speed up disposals. We know this as car public auctions or repo car auctions.

The government does not raise any initial price of the cars. They want to disposed them quickly so they lower down prices for easy purchase. Cars are coming all over the place-confiscated, seized, and impounded. The storage area are getting smaller because of this so it’s better to disposed it than maintain it for a longer time without any good effects.

Online Car auctions work the same with the local auctions. What differs between the two is the opportunity to inspect and check the cars personally before auction starts because online deals limit real time checkup. However, detailed photos, videos and other information have been posted to compare cars being offered.

It is your decision to go to any car auctions anytime. You just have to bear few things in mind though. First is the budget you set for a car. You have plenty of cars to select from an auction. Cars can be offered up to 90% off the actual price. They are usually in good condition but sold for a cheaper price. They may have been slightly used or never used at all. The thing is, you can drive home a car you like at a very low price. The newspaper and the internet can provide you information of up-coming auctions.