TRX, Inc., a global authority in the business of providing cutting-edge travel technology, data services, process automation, consulting, and over 20 software-as-a-service utilities via an on-demand real-time environment, announced the release of CORREX v6.6, the Company’s reservations processing platform, yesterday.

The sophisticated CORREX platform offers highly-efficient reservation processing and features automated quality control, file finishing and reservation ticketing.

Truly the world’s heavyweight champion, CORREX’s robust rule and query structure (over 50k entries) enables unprecedented quality and efficiency in a platform used in over 40 countries to process an astounding 100M reservations a year.

CORREX seamlessly ties together diverse corporation-specific databases with third-party and other sources, and does so by spanning multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), allowing agents to easily consolidate all pre-travel and reservation reporting.
President and CEO of TRXI, Shane Hammond, noted the enhanced flexibility and processing power of this new version of CORREX, noting that concerted efforts have produced continuous innovations that translate directly into ROI for the Company’s shareholders.

The new version of CORREX decreases transaction processing time while providing improved email itinerary delivery capabilities which keeps travelers updated and provides tools to simplify business logic within the application itself.

Available upgrades address gaps in pre- and post-ticketing PNR finishing functionality operations by leveraging new GDS features, as well as providing the ability to deal with non-GDS data utilized in PNR processing.

VP of Product Development for TRXI, David Jackson, was confident of the Company’s strategy to continue to invest in improving their “world-class reservation processing platform”, making it faster, more efficient and more cost-effective.

The Company allowed access to CORREX’s self-service functions via a secure, browser-based interface earlier this year, enabling clients the kind of control TRXI personnel have had for over a decade, and Mr. Jackson cited this as a distinct competitive advantage for the Company.