University of California students will pay more in tuition this year than the public funding that the UC system receives from the state.

This is an unprecedented move for the 230,000-student UC system, although it is becoming more common throughout America's public higher education.

California has historically been generous with supporting higher education and tuition was greatly subsidized. But with 650 million dollars cut from state funding this year, students and parents are paying for the brunt of the students' education.

In-state students will pay nearly $1,900 more in tuition and fees, and the total price of one year in college, including room and board, now exceeds $31,000.

When these things happen, how often do they reverse themselves? Never, said Patrick Lenz, UC's vice president of budget and capital resources.

The UC schools expect to collect $2.9 billion in tuition this school year while the state will provide $2.4 billion, with a possibility of an even lower figure if tax revenues come up short.