The interim president of Tunisia's Fouad Mebazaa has revealed details of new elections that the new regime has been promising.

Mebazaa said an election for a council of representatives to rewrite the constitution would be held by July 24. He also a new interim government will manage the country’s affairs up until that time.

Once elected, the constitutional council will either appoint a new government or ask the current executive to carry on until presidential or parliamentary elections are held, Reuters reported.

Moreover, although he is viewed as only a temporary caretaker of the government, Mebazaa said he will also continue in office beyond the 60-day term mandated by the current constitution.

On a speech broadcast on TV, he said he will remain in power contrary to what has been rumored, until the elections are held, with the help and support of all.

It is unclear if Mebazza’s announcement will be embraced by the public or spark even more discontent
Tunisia has been afflicted with civil unrest ever since massive demonstrations led to the ouster of ex-president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in mid-January.

Last weekend, the interim Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi as well as six other ministers have resigned to appease demands of protesters who demand the removal of any high official who served under Ben Ali.