Originally only available for commercial kitchens, the TurboChef is now available for home kitchens, giving gourmet home cooks the same tools used by renowned chefs including Charlie Trotter and Guenter Seeger.

Top-grade engineering and technology allow home chefs to prepare food on the same delicate timetable used by professional chefs. Cook and serve on your schedule, thanks to the high performance TurboChef oven that delivers hot, speedy cuisine every time. The dual oven offers maximum capacity so you can cook more, in less time.

As a bonus, the TurboChef is also a nice addition to the kitchen. The contemporary design is made for functionality and includes stainless steel components, an analog clock and timer, precise dial-control knobs and a color LCD interface.

The TurboChef website includes plenty of recipes for using the TurboChef oven. They're organized by cooktimes, ranging from 15 minute meals perfect for hectic weekdays, to special occasion recipes, like an entire Thanksgiving feast.

Learn more at www.turbochef.com.