TurboSonic Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of air pollution control technologies, announced this morning that it has received an order for a SonicKleen(TM) Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) system valued at approximately US$1 million. The WESP system will be employed in a CO2 sequestration demonstration project on a coal-fired power plant in Europe. This project was designed to determine the degree of CO2 absorption and sequestration efficiencies that can be achieved.

Edward Spink, TurboSonic CEO, commented, “This amine-based CO2 sequestration project in Europe will use the SonicKleen(TM) WESP for removal of contaminants from the gas stream to maximize the efficiency of the amine in selectively capturing CO2. Our SonicKleen(TM) WESP technology is ideally suited for CO2 absorption processes, with its ability to collect fine particulate, acid mist and heavy metals that would otherwise interfere with the amine’s high efficiency CO2 absorption.”

He continued, “WESP technology is a key step in reducing emission levels from coal-fired combustion to approach that of natural gas combustion for power generation and TurboSonic is well positioned to assume a leading role in the worldwide effort to abate air pollution.”