TurboSonic Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of clean air technologies, announced that it has received a US $2.3 million order from a European refinery. The refinery will utilize TurboSonic’s technology to control particulate emissions, facilitating the production of low-sulfur fuels in response to environmental legislation. TurboSonic anticipates that the delivery will be made in its 2010 fiscal year.

Edward Spink, TurboSonic CEO, noted, “We have had tremendous success with our international marketing efforts. For the third time this fiscal year, TurboSonic’s clean air technology has been selected for emissions control by a European oil refinery. We are very encouraged to see a continued demand for our “green” technologies. We have developed a highly effective customer-focused approach that leads to innovative, cost effective solutions. We believe that we will continue to grow based on this approach, the quality of our technologies, and demand resulting from an increasing environmental conscience.”