TurboSonic Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of clean air technologies, announced that it has signed a worldwide, exclusive Sales & Marketing agreement to promote the patented Catalytic Gas Treatment (CGT) technology developed by Quebec-based PROCD Groupe Conseil Inc.

CGT is the next-generation solution to control Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs such as formaldehyde are air pollutants, with individual compounds associated with smog, global warming and cancer. TurboSonic’s proprietary clean air technology will be integrated with CGT technology for use by building products and other industries requiring VOC control.

Instead of carbon sequestration, which typically focuses on the capture, use, or storage of CO2, CGT technology avoids CO2 creation in the first place, making it a much more desirable, cost-effective solution. Instead of utilizing traditional thermal destruction technologies dependent on natural gas to thermally oxidize formaldehyde and other VOCs, generating large amounts of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the process, the patented CGT technology utilizes an environmentally friendly catalytic process to destroy VOCs without the production of harmful, combustion-related GHGs and smog-producing nitrogen oxides.

Edward Spink, TurboSonic CEO, stated, “We are particularly pleased in arriving at this exclusive agreement with PROCD. We believe that this patented technology offers users the potential for a return on investment from fuel savings alone compared with traditional technology, and we believe this will qualify for carbon credits under proposed cap-and-trade legislation, as well as provide significant environmental benefits. CGT installations are already demonstrating that this is a cost-effective and reliable technology with low operating costs.”

He continued, “TurboSonic recently announced a US$4 million order for CGT technology, which was selected over regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) technology. We believe the market for CGT is extensive: with thousands of RTOs in operation in the US alone, CGT is an obvious choice for their replacement as operators look to lower their operating costs. We anticipate that this agreement will extend our ability to offer leading-edge solutions to our customers, and that our sales of CGT technology will form a significant contribution to our plans for growth.”