TurboSonic Technologies, Inc., a leading designer and supplier of industrial air pollution control technologies, announced that it has received a $2 million new order for a Gas Scrubbing System for a US-based oriented strand board (OSB) producer. The order is expected to be filled in this calendar year.

Edward Spink, TurboSonic’s CEO commented, “This is the fourth contract from this major OSB producer in the past two years, all of which are for enhancement of their existing operations. Because of our system’s superior ability to remove particulate matter from the gas stream, a $1.2 million savings in operating cost was achieved using our proprietary design in the first installation.”

He continued, “Particulate removal is critical for downstream thermal oxidizer operation, where deposition of contaminants affects performance efficiency and maintenance cycles. It is noteworthy that a significant number of our contracts are for upgrades to our competitor’s installations, confirming that we have raised the bar for performance.”