Rescuers pulled out a teenage boy alive from the debris of a collapsed building in Ercis in eastern Turkey Friday, five days after a 7.2-magnitude quake rocked the region.

Ferhat Tokay, 13, was found alive late Thursday and pulled out from the wreckage by rescuers early Friday morning. He was then taken to the hospital in Sahara, BBC News reported.

According to a rescue official, the boy's condition appears good.

The devastating earthquake, which had its epicenter in Van province, killed at least 523 people and more than 1,600 people were injured. According to reports, 185 people have been rescued so far, but hundreds of others are still missing.

Meanwhile, there are criticisms that authorities have been slow in their response to provide aid.

Everyone is getting sick and wet, Reuters quoted one of the victims, whose house was badly damaged. We have been waiting in line for four days and still nothing.

Another survivor named Zeki Yatkin told Reuters that the authorities have told them that they will get prefabricated houses in one-and-a-half months. We can't tolerate the cold, but what else can we do? he said.

Other countries have also provided aid for the victims. The United Nations is also reportedly sending thousands of tents as well as blankets and mattresses.