width=202There are few things closer to a woman than her grooming products and tools, the small things she carries with her daily that find themselves more often in her purse than her medicine cabinet. These are the things seldom seen but often in use.

All too often we are bombarded with advertisements for the latest in beauty, from luxurious night creams to striking new shades for the season, which all have their proper place in a woman's beauty regimen. But it is the smaller but pivotal grooming tools that are kept from the limelight.

Tweezerman has changed this for the women who have come to trust and depend on their products. Hailed as the Beauty Tool Experts, Tweezerman has done for the beauty industry what asphalt does for the streets: leads you do your destination.

From celebrities, make-up artists and magazine editors, the decision has been unanimous: products by Tweezerman are not only effective, but the height of quality.

Grooming your brows hasn't always been something we think of as a luxury practice, but more and more, women are beginning to treat brow shaping the same as treating themselves to a facial or a new look at the salon. Boutiques and lines are emerging that dedicate themselves to the eyebrows, allowing women to bring another grooming practice into the luxury salon arena.

This is where Tweezerman has done what no one thought possible: turn eyebrow-grooming into a luxury, at-home experience. Their infallible, patented Slant Tweezer has officially gone luxe with the introduction of the Luxe Edition Swarovski Crystal Slant Tweezer.

Comprised of stainless steel and tipped with hand-filed, slanted ends that are perfectly aligned to grab the hair each time, the Luxe Edition Slant Tweezer is not a tool that hides in your cosmetics bag, but becomes an accessory completely adorned with sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Any woman will agree that, when dealing with grooming tools, effectiveness is key. This is where the Luxe Edition Swarovski Crystal Slant Tweezer really sets itself apart from the old tools we've all been using for years. Their size and shape is just small enough to fit comfortably in your hand without being too small, and heavy enough to use comfortably while the lavish Swarovski crystals turn the tedious task of brow-grooming into a much more feminine and fun undertaking. And most importantly: they work.

As the holiday season is slowly (but surely) approaching, this is one gift all ladies should give themselves; a small, beautiful reward for dealing with the sometimes less-pretty side of being pretty. The Luxe Edition Slant Tweezers are available exclusively at Apothia in Los Angeles, California and from their website.