It's been more than a year since the last “Twilight” film hit theaters and almost six years since the final installment of the supernatural series made its way into bookstores worldwide, but plenty of fans still carry a torch for Stephenie Meyer’s love story. While “Twilight” merchandise may not be as widely available as it was during the height of the franchise's popularity, there are still many gift options available for fans of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and their characters, vampire Edward Cullen and mortal Bella Swan. Here are seven unique gifts any “Twilight” fan would love to receive this holiday season and where to buy them:

Renesmee’s Necklace, $16.84


In "Breaking Dawn," when Bella feels her time with her half-human, half-vampire daughter Renesmee is limited, she buys her a Christmas present like no other. Give your favorite “Twilight” fan this unique necklace inscribed with the phrase “Plus que ma propre vie” (translation: “More than my own life”) this holiday.

Bella’s Comforter,—Starting at $249


Give a “Twilight” aficionado a gift that subtly expresses fandom: a comforter used by Stewart’s character in the films. Originally for sale at Target, the replica bedding is now for sale only on auction sites, such as eBay. One set of the full-sized bedding is currently available for the "buy now" price of $325 and a starting bid of $249.

The Twilight Saga White Collection, $49


Fans of the “Twilight” book series most likely already own their own copies of the Meyer series, but for devout fans, the special edition white collection of the novels would make the perfect gift this holiday. The collection, which also includes Meyer’s 2010 short novel, “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner,” includes all four books from the best-selling, young-adult series.

Bella’s Gloves, $55


Copy Bella Swan’s laid-back style and purchase a pair of gloves like the ones actress Kristen Stewart sported in the first “Twilight” film. Handmade with merino wool from Etsy seller KnittingCarnival, the gloves are available in petite/small and medium/large sizes.

Apple Macbook Decal, $11.99


“Twilight” fans that also happen to own an Apple laptop will love this decal that pays tribute to the cover of the first “Twilight” novel. The decal is available in 13 different colors and for Macbooks sizes 13 to 17 inches.

Tours of Forks, Wash., $30 to $55


For “Twilight” fans who live on the West Coast, consider giving an experience they'll never forget. The company Team Forks offers three different tours for “Twilight” fans who want to get a close-up look at the town made famous by the vampire love story.

Twilight Movie Makeup, Various Sites, $50 and up


Halloween is long over, but fans of “Twilight” will enjoy being able to portray their favorite vampire all year round with the actual makeup worn by the actors in the film. According to InStyle, Kanebo’s Sensai Brightening Base ($84, in combination with T.LeClerc Loose Powder in Parme ($50, was used on set to create Robert Pattinson's signature vampire glow. To achieve Bella Swan’s newborn-vampire look, a blend of the four eye shadows from the Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow collection ($59, was reportedly used.