Remember the movie “Twilight”? The film franchise is based on a series of novels written by Stephenie Meyer, the vampire-themed movie franchise starring Kristen Stewart as human Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as vampire Edward Cullen.

The films became a worldwide success so it’s no wonder that at an auction for the movie’s props, costumes, decoration pieces and other items, each piece fetched an astounding amount of money. In what can only be described as an auction of a lifetime, over 1,000 bidders from all over the world and “Twilight” fans came out in person and online to own a piece of Bella and Edward’s lives.

According to InStyle, The Prop Store – a film and TV memorabilia company – and Lionsgate – the studio that produced the “Twilight” films – organized the auction in which more than 900 items were available to be sold for days -- on Nov. 19 and 20. Several of the props from set were sold at a very high price including Bella Swan’s engagement ring, Edward Cullen’s journal, Jacob Black’s (Taylor Lautner) wedding ring, Bella’s grey dress which she wore when she gave birth to Renesmee  and villain Aro’s (Michael Sheen) Volturi-carved wooden throne.

Shockingly, Bella’s engagement ring fetched a whopping $16,800 while Edward’s journal sold for $7,800. Moreover, Bella and Edward’s chess set sold for $13,200, the Cullen house graduation cap display sold for $10,200 and Bella’s costume at the meadow sold for $8,400.

Prop Store COO Brandon Alinger told the website in a statement, “We’re thrilled with the interest and participation in this exclusive auction event. The films have a global following, which was very evident with the worldwide response from bidders over the weekend. For ‘Twilight’ fans, this auction offered an amazing opportunity to own a piece of the phenomenon and we were proud to partner with Lionsgate on the project.”

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