Twitch, the game-play stream viewing and broadcasting service, was made available for Xbox 360 on Tuesday.

There are some caveats, however: The Twitch app is only available for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers, and the Xbox 360 app only allows people to watch streams, rather than broadcast their own game play.

Twitch Community Manager Jared Rea provided further details regarding the announcement on the service's official blog. "The Twitch App for Xbox 360 will bring the top 300 live channels to your big screen, with the ability to browse the directory by top channels, games and featured content. Best of all, the Twitch App for Xbox 360 is Kinect-enabled, allowing you to control the entire experience with voice or motion controls," Rea said.

Some responded to the announcement with disappointment. "No news on it coming to the UK? Only the top 300 channels is disappointing. It means that it's on par with the android app and that's not a good thing" one commenter said.

Will you be grabbing the Twitch app for Xbox 360? How do you feel about the annoucement? Are you satisfied with the included features or not? Sound off in the comments below.