One of Twitter's most constant companions has seemingly lashed out against his partner, as the founder of TwitPic launches what seems to be a copycat microblogging service.

Noah Everett's new startup Heello certainly seems like a Twitter clone. It's a microblogging service that features updates (called "pings" instead of "tweets") with a 140-character limit. Users can "listen to" (instead of "follow") other users' pings, and can "echo" (instead of "retweet") any that seem particularly significant.

Plus, it certainly seems like no coincidence that the live launch of this startup occurs the very day after Twitter launched its own built-in photo sharing service. Since it launched in 2008, Everett's TwitPic has been one of the most-used photosharing apps on Twitter, but the new in-app photosharing could very well kill off the other third-party apps that serve the same function.

One might expect the developer to take it somewhat personally, and Everett is not downplaying the possibility. "If Twitter can compete with its developers without fair notice, then why can't we?" asked Everett in an interview with VentureBeat's Jolie O'Dell, but quickly indicated that he was only (or maybe just partly) joking.

“Twitter rolling out their photo option to everyone yesterday was a complete coincidence, but I’m glad the timing happened that way,” said Everett, who registered the domain name four years ago, has been developing the project for approximately a year, and building it for the last few months.

Everett also discussed an upcoming Channels feature unlike anything that Twitter currently has to offer -- but somewhat analogous to the Circles feature of Google+, or to some of the Twitter interfaces that display multiple feeds at once. “Channels will let users be grouped together, and users can then ‘listen’ to a channel to see all their pings,” said Everett.

Still, several media observers consider it more personal than accidental. Business Insider called Heello a "Massive Twitter Rip-Off". CNN called Heello a "scathing Twitter clone" and asked "Wicked parody or actual startup venture?" -- while Gizmodo likewise called it a "Dumb Twitter Clone" and asked "Is This a Joke?" (ironically similar, in and of themselves).


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