Twitter fans are beginning to speak out against an alleged open casket photo of dead singer Whitney Houston, which was published by The National Enquirer on its front page this week.

It is uncertain at this time whether the photo was authorized but it allegedly showed Houston in purple dress and diamond jewelry that is said to be wortha bout $500,000. The National Enquirer also said that Houstonw as buried in gold slippers on her feet. The photo was allegedly taken inside Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, N.J. where the singer's family held a private viewing last week.

Houston died at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Feb. 11. The 48-year-old singer was found in a bathtub at her hotel suite and no cause of death has been released. The open casket photo of Whitney Houston can be seen here and many fans are saying they aren't surprised that The National Enquirer published the photo. However, they said she deserved better.

Here are some of the posts on Twitter regarding the leaked photos:

-- I am not Surprised that the National Enquirer published it.... whoever took the picture and sold it should be slapped. - Ruthie

-- The National Enquirer is bang out of order buying and publishing a picture of Whitney Houston in her coffin. - It's Sarah, really!

-- Omg!!!! Sooo disrespectful! - Erika Byers

-- @iMustBe_IGNANT The National Enquirer published it. I would hate to have to walk in a store and see my dead mother on the news rack - Sovereign Majesty

-- Let me just say this, I think the National Enquirer is tacky and that picture is just reprehensible!! - Dr. Maurice Lee

-- The National Enquirer is disgusting and vile! Even worse than them? The person who took the pic. What a low, disrespectful, vile thing to do - A. Texada-Mitchell

-- Let me log off before I see this pic of Whitney... National Enquirer needs to be shut down seriously no moral integrity at all -Kyle Legend Obama

-- Man National Enquirer is on one today! I know they're 50 years in the game but this low blow ish is just ridiculous! Whitney deserved BEtter -BEMagazine

What do you think of the published open casket photo of Whitney Houston? Sound off in the comments box below.

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