Lance Armstrong is fighting doping allegations by former teammate Tyler Hamilton, that Armstrong used steroids during his run at seven Tour de France titles.  Hamilton will appear in a special segment on 60 minutes Sunday accusing Amstrong of taking EPO, a blood-boosting steroid.

The CBS program also posted an article alleging that George Hincapie, another Armstrong teammate, told federal authorities that Armstrong takes steroids.

Hincapie has denied ever speaking with 60 Minutes

The new allegations join those of Floyd Landis, also a former teammate of Armstrong, who in 2010, accused Armstrong and Hincapie of taking steroids. 

In response to these allegations, Armstrong kept it simple.  In tweet on Thursday Armstrong said, 20+ year career. 500 drug controls worldwide, in and out of competition. Never a failed test. I rest my case.

Why has Lance Armstrong been able to keep it so simple against overwhelming opposition?  

First of all, Armstrong has a team of lawyers who actively gone on the offensive, attacking 60 Minutes, CBS Evening News, Landis, Hamilton, and CBS News Chairman Jeff Fagen.

Secondly, Armstrong was able to use his secret weapon against the allegations - his loyal Twitter followers.

Here are the Numbers (rounded):

Lance Armstrong - 2,800,000 followers.

60 Minutes - 34,000 followers

CBS Evening News - 8,000 followers

Floyd Landis - 4,000 followers

Tyler Hamilton - 3,000 followers

Jeff Fager - 0 followers

That is 2.8 million compared to a combined 49,000. 

With a few key strokes, Armstrong was able to reach the masses directly. 

In a war of words, Armstrong certainly has got a good head start.