Of late, star musicians are developing a closer connection with their fans through Twitter. Keeping with the trend, the micro-blogging site is now targeting these musicians in a bid to make the site an online home for artistes, according to an ANI report.

Since the demise of MySpace, there has not been a single social networking site which musicians use to promote their work and connect with their fans. Twitter has been slowly filling that space and seems keen to accelerate the process.

A guide, which uses Twitter accounts of famous pop stars like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry as case studies, has been created to show how every artiste can use the site to their advantage. The guide for musicians would recommend that they include photos in their tweets, create official hashtags for their tours and reply to their fans.

It certainly defines musicians that for fans, Twitter is the next best thing to being backstage.

And for performers, connecting with your fans in an authentic way is one key to your success. A Twitter connection tells fans how much you appreciate them, and it also enables you to tailor your messages, the Telegraph quoted the guide as saying.

According to the Telegraph, the guide urges musicians, regardless of their fame, to write their own tweets. Musicians are always surrounded by people who want to tell their story. Whether it's a publicist, a manager, an agent, a label rep, a journalist or that guy or gal you dated in high school, it seems no one hesitates to share their take on you and your work. But the most powerful voice is your own.

Despite lots of famous musicians appearing to construct their own 140-character messages, many still have their public relations team post the tweets for them. The guide urges musicians, regardless of their fame, to post their own tweets.

In the recent past, it was reportedly confirmed that Lady Gaga broke all the record on Twitter with more than two million followers ahead of all the other celebrities on the site.

Here is a list of top 10 other musician celebrities with the biggest Twitter followers so far.

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