The Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers made a move Saturday that could affect the futures of both teams, having agreed in principle to trade picks in the NBA Draft. Philadelphia will grab the No. 1 NBA draft pick, and Boston will drop down to No. 3. Markelle Fultz is the first pick who is potentially up for grabs — and apparently, some fans are not happy about the news.

It seemed as though the No.1 draft pick, Fultz was going to the Boston Celtics, but then the basketball gods decided to intervene. In a deal that won’t be final until Monday, the 76ers dove in head first and shook things up by picking up the first pick. Fultz worked out with the 76ers Saturday, one day after the teams reportedly agreed to trade their picks.

When the trade becomes official, the draft slots will look almost identical to the order of the first four from last year. Philadelphia would get the No. 1 pick, Los Angeles would have No. 2, Boston No. 3 and Phoenix No. 4.

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Some are speculating this move could lead to a possible Celtics trade, which could bring Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler to the team. After trading for the No. 3 overall pick this year and possibly future first rounders, the Celtics could have enough assets to be able to trade for the All-Star Butler.

This could potentially be music to all Celtics fans' ears. Butler as an addition to the team could bode well for the Celtics, who fell to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Celtics who just didn’t have enough firepower for James and the Cavs could go even further with a proven scorer like Butler. During the 2016-17 season, he averaged 23.9 points, 6.2 rebounds and 5.5 assists in 76 games. However, it is unsure if the Bulls would be interested in such a move.

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Twitter users responded to the draft pick swap and aired their feelings toward the trade exchange.





One Celtics fan, filled with happiness about the team possibly grabbing Fultz with the top pick, got a custom Celtics jersey made with Fultz's name on the back. Being that the team has traded their No.1 pick to Philadelphia, Fultz is most likely not going to play for Boston. In apparently what was an act of disappointment, the fan burned the jersey.



Bye @MarkelleFultz it's like I never knew ya. #Celtics #NoSaltJustGasoline ⛽️ #NotMyPointGuard

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This wasn’t the first time a fan has burned an NBA player’s jersey in angst. When Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James opted to leave Cleveland for the Miami Heat in 2010, disgruntled fans torched his No. 23 jersey.