Two weeks after Anthony Scaramucci was fired as White House communications director, the Trump administration named Hope Hicks as his interim replacement for the post.

Hicks will be the fourth person to take up the responsibility after Trump assumed office. The 28-year-old will also be one of the highest paid staff at the White House, reports said.

Her predecessor was among the first to congratulate Hicks on her new role on Twitter. “Hope is a terrific person and will do a great job. Wishing her the best,” Scaramucci tweeted.

While other Twitter users congratulated Hicks too, many made fun of Scaramucci's congratulatory tweet questioning his credibility.

“Not sure how much faith I have in your ability to predict job longevity,” a Twitter user named Michael Dreyfus wrote. Many others posted similar tweets.

However, not all the tweets targeted Scaramucci, with some questioning if Hicks had enough experience to qualify for the job.

This is not the first time that Scaramucci has been at the receiving end on the social media platform for one of his tweets. On Aug. 3, when Scaramucci cancelled a planned press conference, citing on Twitter his wish to focus on his family, various tweets quickly asked him which family he was talking about.

In 2012, Hicks worked for PR company Hiltzik Strategies, that represented Trump Organization and Ivanka Trump. In 2014, she joined the Trump business full time and worked on Ivanka’s fashion line.

A few months later she was chosen to be the press secretary for Trump’s presidential campaign.

“I’m lucky to have her. She’s got very good judgment,” Trump said about Hicks in an interview last year. “She will often give advice, and she’ll do it in a very low-key manner, so it doesn’t necessarily come in the form of advice. But it’s delivered very nicely,” he said, according to reports.

Many Twitter users wished luck on her new role, saying it would be as challenging for her as it was for Scaramucci.

Scaramucci was fired after he verbally abused two senior white house officials in an interview. Scaramucci's family life had suffered because of his new role. A week after he joined office, Scaramucci’s wife Deidre Ball filed for divorce. Reports claimed she was not happy with him for joining the White House and his “naked political ambitions."

His wife had maintained a low profile while Scaramucci ran an aggressive campaign to enter the White House. However, initially, she seemed to be supportive as both of them appeared in various events together. The 52-year-old Scaramucci and 38-year-old Ball got married in 2014 after dating for three years. They have two children. After the reports of the divorce surfaced, Scaramucci took to Twitter and requested for some privacy. 

It was also reported Scaramucci was not present with his wife when she gave birth to their second child. "Congratulations, I’ll pray for our child," he sent a message to his wife after the child was born, reports claimed