Unlike AsiaInfo Holdings (ASIA) I missed buying the breakout in CNinsurance (CISG) and am kicking myself the past week for not jumping in on a very obvious move. Once it broke that late August high of mid $19s it should of been bought. I have no idea what caused that massive spike in volume 4 days ago but that also yelled buy. Then the move over $22 took it to yearly highs, which was a 3rd signal. Only about a 0.2% stake... bad. Very bad.

id=BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5384704843541245778id=BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5384705578827696898[Aug 31, 2009: Bookkeeping - Limit Order for CNinsure Activated]

[Aug 27, 2009: CNinsure Report Solid but Many Acquisition Costs/Benefits Running Through Numbers]

[Aug 24, 2009: CNinsure - China's Version of Prudential?]

Perfect World (PWRD)? My gosh, talk about taking profits FAR too early. We've been watching this mostly from the outside for a good 20 points.

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Long both names in fund; no personal positions