As the recovery process in the Philippines continues on Wednesday from deadly Typhoon Nesat, forecasters are warning that another new storm is headed toward the Philippines.

Tropical Storm Nalgae is growing stronger with the potential to become a major storm by the time it likely strikes the Philippines. Forecasters say the Nalgae path will take the storm farther north than Typhoon Nesat, which tracked far enough south to batter Manila with flooding rain and high damaging winds late Monday and Tuesday.

Typhoon Nesat killed at least 21 people and left 35 missing while delivering some of the worst flooding Manila has experienced in decades. By Wednesday, flood waters had receded in most places in and around Manila, through some low-lying communities in the north remained flooded, according to The Weather Channel.

Mayor Santiago Austria of the rice-farming town Jaen in the Nueva Ecija province has asked the Philippines government for help, saying many in his community of 63,000 needed to be rescued though the town has only four rescue boats, according to The Associated Press.

Many people here are still on top of their houses. We don't have enough boats to reach them and hand them food, said Austria.

But another storm is heading toward the Philippines, and Nalgae is expected to become Typhoon Nalgae. Northern Luzon, the main island of the Philippines, would likely get the worst of the storm's high winds and heavy rains, threatening lives and property, according to a forecaster at AccuWeather.

On Wednesday, the center of Tropical Storm Nalgae was located over the Philippine Sea, about 1,000 miles east-northeast of Manila. Sustained winds were about 60 miles per hour, but forecast models show that Nalgae will likely strengthen as it moves West over the next several days.

Typhoon Nalgae is expected to reach the northeastern shores of Luzon Island by later Saturday, according to AccuWeather.