In a challenging economy, consumers are looking to save money anyway they can. Despite these challenging times, people across the globe have looked to television for relaxation and cable companies have taken advantage of our situation. However, there is one company that is taking a slightly different approach.

Located in San Diego, Ca, is the face of ubroadcast, Inc. The site allows users to produce and broadcast LIVE and On Demand television and radio.

Today, ubroadcast made the announcement that it has launched the 10,000th original broadcast channel on its network and continues to provide free entertainment channels for consumers. This is good news for the general public but bad news for the cable companies whom continue to raise prices for their service.

Recently, ubroadcast was in the national spotlight with an article written by Brian Shelter which was provided by The New York Times to The article was entitled “Next Up on Cable TV, Higher Bill for Consumers” and spoke of how ubroadcast offers 10,000 channels free of charge to consumers.

In the article, Mr. Shelter wrote, “These battles [for higher fees to content providers] are playing out just as the television industry is coping with the wrenching changes brought on by new competition from the Internet… In Washington, where proposals for ‘à la carte’ cable pricing were popular in recent years, some lawmakers and regulators now look to the Web as a more attractive, market-driven solution. Viewers will increasingly be able to bypass pay TV service and watch whatever they like online. Distributors are trying to put a system into effect that will offer some TV shows online to existing subscribers only.”

From an investors’ point of view, ubroadcast is starting to stand out from the crowd. The young company has an international flavor to it with a host of original broadcasting in over 100 countries such as Mexico, Spain, Russia and Australia, providing the company an opportunity to become an even greater online entertainment destination.

Currently, ubroadcast is trading in the $0.03 range and has the potential to become a social network that is on par with the traffic of Facebook, YouTube and Myspace. At this price and with this potential, ubroadcast may be a sleeping giant that could change the outlook of an investor’s portfolio.

For more information on ubroadcast, or to experience what the company has to offer for yourself, go to: and you’ll see why so many other people are talking about a company that has the potential to challenge the cable television industry in the near future.

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