The freshly trimmed green field, the fever pitch, the team, the colours, blaring fans, winning kick, a treacherous block: These and more are what and how people see football from different angles at varying stages.

For Hyundai, one of the key supporters of the UEFA 2012, football is similar to its passion of making vehicles.

Hyundai's founders, managers, workers and staff believe that manufacturing cars is similar to perfecting a play and executing before a glorious football match. There must be no comprises as life and limb and on the road are on the line most of the time.

Hyundai sees that every aspect of car manufacturing involves everyone in the company just as how each defender, striker, and goalee is involved in each game.

In the arena of UEFA, like in global car manufacturing industry, meeting your opponent, an equal in the field is but a humbling experience that contrives different prayers before each game.

As a tribute to one of the most revered sports of all time, Hyundai brings together some of the fresh bloods, new names in this decade of football's history.

Guiseppe Rossi, Benzema, Podolski, constant opponents in the field, but were united to ask the heavens for some guidance, for wisdom, for victories and for unity.