UFC President Dana White has banned Jason Mayhem Miller for what White called dumb bulls**t, before his fight against C.B. Dollaway at UFC 146.

Miller was defeated by unanimous decision in the fight but it was likely his prefight routine that earned Whites ire.

Miller, who is known for playful entrances, entered the arena carrying a pink boom box and wearing a feather boa.

Mayhem's done. He's gone, said White. He also said that Miller's behavior was just some bulls**t that I don't want to talk about. We're on a crazy string here of dumb bulls**t.

It seems that White was upset about Miller's lack of preparation for his previous fights, and when that was combined with his flamboyant style, White had enough.

When you get embarrassed the way he did against Michael Bisping, then you show up in that pink whatever that thing was, I'm not into that stuff, White said. It's not my thing. I guess I don't really care if guys do it because you see it at weigh-ins all the time. Just take this thing serious. If you want to be a clown do that stuff on your reality show.

Miller, who is best known to UFC fans from his stint on The Ultimate Fighter, is still a regular guest on The Jason Ellis Show on Sirius Radio as well as the host of an MTV show called Bully Beatdown which challenges schoolyard bullies to fights with professional fighters for $10,000.

Below is a video of Miller at the weight in for the fight against Dollaway. He is wearing the same boa and boom box combo he had for the fight. White stands in the center of the stage and his body language doesn't read especially pleased with Miller's antics.