Initial reports, including from the official site of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, have stated that mixed martial artist Corey Hill has died but the wife of the veteran MMA campaigner has disputed the news of his passing. “My husband is fighting for his life,” Lauran Hill, wife of the UFC fighter, said Thursday on sports-entertainment website “We want him in everyone’s prayers.”

Aside from the UFC website, which has since removed the article, the MMA fighter’s friend, Jennifer Swift shared the news about Hill’s status on Twitter.

Swift has retracted, though not deleted, the previous tweets but has since added a new update.

According to, which mentioned an unnamed source, Hill had surgery for a cyst in his lungs. After the surgery, Hill refused a ventilator and risked suffering from complications. The report also stated that Hill’s lung then collapsed and the fighter suffered a heart attack that led to his current state.

Hill had a record of 6 wins against 9 losses in his MMA career. He lost his last five fights the last four years including his final bout against Jose Caceres last February.

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