UFO travel destinations: World’s best places to spot ‘aliens’ (PHOTOS)

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  • 2. Roswell, New Mexico
    The century’s first major report of UFO sighting came from Roswell in 1947 when allegedly some debris purported to be of an alien spacecraft was found, which the United States military again tried to cover up. Today the city of Roswell has several attractions for UFO hunters, including a 4-day Roswell UFO Festival featuring UFO film festival, Alien costume contest and the like. There is a UFO museum with research documents, newspaper articles and photographs from the Roswell incident that draws thousands of visitors every year. UFO shops entertain tourists by offering UFO souvenirs such as t-shirts, books, mugs, hats and alien toys. REUTERS/STR New
  • 4. Chile
    According to media reports, Chile is investing hard to declare some regions as ‘UFO spotting zones’. REUTERS/Enrique Marcarian
  • 5. Bonnybridge, Scotland
    Known as the UFO capital of Scotland, Bonnybridge records 300 sightings every year on an average. REUTERS/Russell Cheyne
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