The internet has been buzzing about Stacey Dash since her appearance on “Fox and Friends” Wednesday afternoon. The former “Clueless” star offered up her opinions on actors of color boycotting the 88th annual Academy Awards. Now UGK rapper Bun B, a legend in the world of hip hop, is firing back at the actress and her "sympathizers."

According to XXL, the well-known artist took to Instagram to air his grievances with Dash, 49, on Thursday. He criticized the controversial star, suggesting that she was physically beautiful, but “ugly as f---“ on the inside. The Texas native, born Bernard Freeman, told followers he felt Dash hated herself because of the color of her skin, reminding her that she is, in fact, black. He went on to say that no matter how much she tries to win over conservatives by “hating yourself and us,” the most she should expect is “’You’re not like the rest of them.’” The post drew attention from many — some who agreed with Dash and some who didn’t — and was deleted by Instagram soon after it was posted. Bun B, 42, addressed the photo’s removal on Twitter, telling “Stacey Dash sympathizers” that flagging his photo wouldn’t hold him back.

Several other prominent figures have spoken out about Dash’s comments, assuring her that doing away with things that celebrate people of color will not end racism. Radio DJ Charlamagne Tha God, known most for his controversial commentary on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” awarded Dash with his daily Donkey of the Day on Thursday. He also tweeted about Dash’s comments, joking that by her logic “taco Tuesday” had to be abolished. Ebro Darden, another well-known voice on the radio, also tweeted about what Dash said. He told his followers he found the situation funny, adding that he believed it was largely an attempt at staying relevant. George Wallace, who was honored with a BET Lifetime Achievement Award tweeted that he was standing in solidarity with BET. He also reminded Dash that if it weren’t for the courageous people celebrated during Black History Month segregation may still be alive and well. White comedian Gary Owen tweeted about all the ways BET has advanced his career as both an actor and comedian, telling her he liked her better as her "Clueless" character. 

The network has also taken a moment to clap back at Dash, posting a shady, but clear message to her on Instagram. BET posted a still from an episode of “The Game” in which Dash starred, asking whether or not they could get their money back for having her on the show.

While most have spoken out against Dash, there is one figure far more controversial than she who is on board with her suggestions: Donald Trump. According to The Hollywood Reporter the 2016 presidential hopeful called in to “Fox & Friends” to discuss the Oscars So White controversy and the many celebrities boycotting this year’s awards. He told the show’s hosts it was “a tough situation,” adding that certain people, namely Al Sharpton, were using it as an opportunity to garner publicity. He then touched specifically on Dash’s comments suggesting that having networks’ like BET create a double standard. Trump said “whites don’t get any nominations” on award shows hosted by the network adding that he hadn’t “ever thought of it” until now.

The comments in question were made during a Thursday broadcast of “Fox & Friends” featuring Dash, who sat down with host Steve Doocy. As Mashable reported, during the show she claimed that award shows were further dividing the people of the United States telling him, “we’re Americans, period.” She claimed the public needed to decide between “segregation or integration,” suggesting that the only way to do that was to do away with niche channels like BET, the BET Awards, Black History Month and anything else that specifically honors people of color.