Imagine being rejected by your parents after being born. For Nelson, a baby Kea parrot, this is exactly what happened when he hatched.

According to the UK Daily Mail, Nelson was born into tough circumstances last month at the Bergzoo in Germany. Nelson was the only bird to survive out of the three eggs that his mother laid. Since he was rejected by his parents the staff at the Bergzoo is currently taking care of him. Nelson was forced to spend the first four weeks of his life in an incubator, reported the Daily Mail.

Those that set their eyes on the odd duckling describe him as a cross between an alien and a roast chicken. While Nelson might not be the cutest baby bird as of now, he is expected to grow into a beautiful Kea parrot.

According to, the Kea parrot can grow to be 18.7 inches. Male Kea's are generally very colorful, with olive green feathers, orange under their wings, an orange/red back and a dull blue/green tail.

Found in New Zealand, the world population of the bird is currently between 1,000 - 5,000, making it a unique and endangered parrot, reports the Kea Conservation Trust. Scientists consider these mainly vegetarian parrots to be one of the most intelligent bird species in the world.

The Kea does have an extended juvenile period, reports the Department of Cognitive Biology at University of Vienna. Baby Kea's are expected to be fully dependent on their parents until sixteen weeks. At that point the birds keep in social flocks until they form breeding pairs at the age of four to five years, states a fact sheet on the Kea parrot on the University of Vienna site.

Nelson is safe from threats within the Bergzoo, where he is still under constant watch of his caretakers.