The U.K. released the final estimate for gross domestic product for the first quarter of 2011, where GDP expanded by 0.5% in line with the prior and expected estimates, while GDP expanded by an annualized 1.6% revised lower from the prior and expected estimates of 1.8%.

Total business investments declined in the first quarter by 3.2% better than the prior and expected drop of 7.1%, where the total investments expanded by an annualized 2.7% better than the prior and expected estimate of -3.2%.

In the first quarter of the current year,the growth expanded by 0.5% from the previous quarter's contraction of 0.5%, where the expansion was supported mainly by the trade, where exports rose 2.4% in the first quarter following 2.1%, in addition, imports dropped 2.4% following the previous quarter's rise of 2.8%.

Moreover, growth was also supported by the general government spending, which expanded from 0.5% following 0.1%, however, households expenditures dropped 0.6% from -0.2% and gross fixed capital formation aslo dropped by 2.0% from the prior quarter's -0.7%.