FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Shop prices have decreased on the month in the UK in January, fotrr the first time in the last six months, although year-on-year prices increased somewhat faster than in December fuelled by food prices, according to the latest report by the British Retail Consortium.

Prices have fallen 0.5% in January from December thanks to declines in non food prices helped by the traditional January discounts. Food prices, in turn, have risen 0.5%, below December's 1.0% increase.

On the year, prices at consumer level have risen 1.2%, up from the 1.0% increase posted in December. Food prices with a 3.9% increase from January 2007, have been the main contributors for this increase, non food prices have edged down 0.2% in the year, far from enough to offset food prices' rise.