The United Kingdom released the consumer price index for August, where the index rose by 0.6% from the previous flat index in line with the expected estimate. In addition, the annual consumer price index expanded to 4.5% from the previous of 4.4% also in line with expectations.

Moreover, the core consumer price index expanded by 3.1% in August in line with the prior expansion, yet above the expected expansion of 3.0%.

Furthermore, the retail price index expanded in August by 0.6% from the previous drop of 0.2% in line with expectations. In addition, the annual retail price index expanded by 5.2% from the previous of 5.0%, above the expected expansion of 5.1%.

Finally, the retail price index excluding mortgages payment also expanded in August by 5.3% from the previous of 5.0% and above the expected estimate of 5.2%.