The UK ILO Unemployment rate for the three months ending in October rose to 7.9% which was inline with expectations but worse than previous of 7.8%.

The Claimant Count rate rose by 5.0% in November, which came inline with previous revised reading of 5.1% to 5.0%, but better than projections that referred to an incline by 5.1%. Moreover, the Jobless Claims Rate fell 6.3 thousand in November, better than previous revised reading of 12.9 thousand to 5.9 thousand, and better than forecasted of 12.5 thousand.

However, the yearly Average Earnings for October were released for today, the earnings including bonus rose by 1.5%, higher than previous reading that got revised to 1.4%, and higher than market projections that referred to a rise by 1.2%, while the earnings excluding bonus came inline with revised previous of 1.8% to 1.7, and it came less than market expectations of 1.8%.