The United Kingdom's claimant count rate in May dropped to 4.6% lower than prior and expected estimates of 4.7% as the pace of employment strengthens. Jobless claim change declined by 30.9 thousand from the previous -27.1 which was revised to the upside to a drop of 32 thousand in unemployment and forecasts of -20.0.

Meanwhile, the annual three month average weekly earnings ending April came in 4.2% lower than the revised previous of 4.3% originally reported at 4.0%, but lower than expectations of 4.5%; while the weekly earnings excluding bonuses increased 1.9% lower than the revised 2.0% previous from 1.9%, and lower than the expected 2.0%.

In addition, the ILO unemployment rate for the three months ending April declined to 7.9% lower than the previous and forecasted 8.0%.