RTTNews - Tuesday, a Joint Committee on the Draft Bribery Bill recommended the British government to stiffen the offense by making a company or partnership strictly liable for any bribe paid by a person performing services on its behalf, except where the organization proves that adequate anti-bribery procedures were in place.

The Joint committee welcomed the draft Bill as an important step forward in tackling corruption and fulfilling the UK's international obligations. The proposals replace the draft Corruption Bill that was published by the Government in 2003.

Chairman of the Joint Committee, Viscount Colville of Culross said, While the draft Bill is not a cure for the many challenges of corruption both within the United Kingdom and in relation to international business, we believe that, with some key changes that we recommend, it is an essential step forward that should create an improved platform for the Government and the business community to build upon the increasing global commitment to tackle bribery.

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