The United Kingdom released the public finances figures for October, where the figures showed that U.K was able to achieve a surplus of 0.643 billion pounds compared with the revised previous deficit of 20.3 billion pounds from 19.9 billions, below the expected 1.0 billion pounds surplus.

The public sector net borrowing excluding interventions deficit narrowed to 6.5 billion pounds from the revised previous deficit of 13.0 billions from 14.1 billions in line with expectations.

Moreover, the public sector net borrowing deficit narrowed to 3.4 billion pounds from the revised prior of 10.2 billion pounds from 11.4 billion pounds, better the expected 3.8 billion pounds deficit.

In addition, the U.K. net debt climbed to 966.6 billion or 62.3% of the total GDP, compared with 56.5% in October 2010.