Two days after the debut of a 2014 Sovereign gold coin, the U.K. Royal Mint reportedly announced that buyers have depleted their stock of the coins. The Royal Mint also said they expect to stock the coin again by the end of the month.

Gold prices fell to a six-month low on Dec. 31.  

“Since the dip in the price of gold we have seen increased demand for our gold bullion coins from the major coin markets, and this presently shows no sign of abating,” the mint said Wednesday. “The Royal Mint continues to supply to its customers and is increasing production to accommodate the higher demand.”

According to the coin's product description, the Royal Mint planned to sell 7,500 coins. 

“Each year collectors and gold connoisseurs alike are keen to secure The Sovereign, and with only 7,500 coins available singly -- a strictly limited issue that must satisfy interest from around the world -- The Sovereign in 22 carat gold remains in the highest demand,” the online description reads.