The consumer price index for the month January is expected to fall 0.6% compared to a gain of 0.6% December, highlighting that the rate cut was just in the right place, at the same time the core yearly CPI is expected to inch a little bit higher at 1.5% from 1.4% in December, just inside the comfortable zone of acceptable inflation.

Where the U.S. markets are just taking the right break a head of tomorrow's retail sales report, some comments from important officials in the Federal Reserve Bank and from the treasury secretary that helped the dollar in the early trading, as the Fed president of St. Louis Mr. Paul placed his best bid that the economy will avoid recession.

While Mr. Paulson initiated a pan with Bank of America and City group and some other financial institutions to help borrowers who are in the danger of default to stay at their home granting them more time to save themselves, and a freeze to what is called foreclosures.

Markets are a little bit mixed a head of the news, and will probably be for the rest of the day until something comes up and clear this picture up.