A British teenage girl named Georgia Littlewood reportedly died from liver failure after accidentally consuming an overdose of paracetamol, according to an inquest heard on Wednesday. The girl was immediately rushed to the hospital when she complained of severe stomach pain and showed signs of mumbling.

It was only in the hospital that medical personnel realized the stomach pain was caused by the severe liver damage caused by the toxicity associated with an overdose of paracetamol. The doctors found that the 17-year-old had nearly 65 micrograms of paracetamol in her blood. The amount found was more than triple the amount of the maximum recommended level of paracetamol dose in blood at a time.

The coroner ruled that it was likely that the girl, who worked as an office clerk for a local hairdresser, was unaware of the potential ill-health effects of paracetamol.

"It seems likely to me that Georgia was not fully aware of the apparent toxic effect of paracetamol which can develop over a relatively short period of time. I do not believe it was an intentional act on Georgia's part to harm herself and conclude a result of 'accident,'” said Assistant coroner Mary Burke in an inquest into Georgia's death.

The Express reports that the mother of the deceased girl, Joanne Littlewood, also believes that her daughter might be unaware of the correct dosage to be consumed at a time. In addition, she revealed that Georgia might already be taking the drug to treat her headache.

The coroner further highlighted the importance of taking the drug according to the dosage specified or recommended by a medical practitioner, since the dosage level is mentioned for a reason. Since paracetamol is a pill commonly available over-the-counter, its must be consumed wisely.