FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - British trade deficit has widened in November, with goods trade reaching the highest deficit in history, according to data released by National Statistics.

UK's deficit in goods and services trade with the rest of the world has widened to GBP4.5 billion in November, from a GBP3.9 billion in October, although in the three months to November, British deficit remained practically unchanged from the previous three months.

Trade on goods has reached its largest deficit ever,, GBP 8.3 billion in November, from GBP 7.6 billion deficit in October, revised down from the GBP 7.8 billion goods trade gap previously released.

The deficit on trade in goods with the EU has narrowed slightly, while goosd trade deficit with non-EU countries widened to GBP5.3 billion in November, from GBP4.4 billion in October. Exports of goods fell 6% on the month, to GBP19.8 billion, while imports fell by 2% to 28.2 billion.