Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko released a statement Monday declaring his ceasefire with eastern separatists over.

Poroshenko accused eastern separatists of violating the unilateral ceasefire, which he put in place on June 20. In a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande, Poroshenko said separatists did not lay down their weapons as he requested in announcing the truce.

Poroshenko reaffirmed promises to not prosecute separatists if they disarmed, but said military would attack armed separatists, who he say "disrupt a normal, peaceful life." He said the protection of Ukraine's territorial integrity "requires not only defensive but also offensive operations against gunmen."

He blamed the separatists for violence during the ceasefire and criticized separatist leaders for their  "unwillingness and inability to control the actions of their units and the terrorist gangs of looters.

Putin and Poroshenko agreed that there needs to be a mutual ceasefire, but Poroshenko criticized Russia for not prodding the separatists to agree. Western leaders have threatened further sanctions if Putin does not convince eastern separatists to put down their arms.

Poroshenko appears to be willing to concede to the concerns of eastern citizens.

Thousands of residents in the east have fled across the Russian border in fear of intensifying violence following the end of the truce. Despite the ceasefire, scattered violence with casualties on both sides has occurred across the east. Rebel groups appear to be splintering as well, as some claimed to honor the ceasefire and others refused to do so.

Poroshenko ended his speech saying "... there was not a single war that did not end in peace. So it happens this time. Glory to Ukraine!"


Read an unofficial translation via the Kyiv Post.