The United Kingdom visible trade balance for December witnessed its deficit widen to -7278 million pounds from the revised prior deficit of -6798 from -6784 million pounds while the markets were projecting a deficit of 6700 million pounds.

Trade balance non-European in December also posted a widened deficit of 3553 from the revised previous deficit of 3125 from 3032 million pounds, which is worse than the expected deficit of 3100 million pounds.

Total trade balance for the same time period, widened to -3262 million pounds which is worse than both the forecasted deficit of 2800 million pounds and the revised November's deficit of 2926 from 2912 million pounds.

We saw that total exports rose to 20,878 million pounds from the prior 19,970 million pounds while imports rallied to 28,156 million pounds from the previous 26,769 million pounds.