Capcom has released more details and character previews for the upcoming game Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Ultimate MvC3 is an update of last year's Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with added characters, balance changes and a few more modes. Capcom has released the goods on two new characters from the game: Frank West and Rocket Racoon.

Frank West is a photojournalist from the Dead Rising survival horror franchise. In the first game, West found himself trapped in a shopping mall during a zombie outbreak, and had to use a number of improvised weapons to ensure his survival.

Ultimate MvC3 perseveres his scavenger style as West uses a variety of mall items, like chainsaws attached to rowing oars, to defeat his foes. West can also keep his opponents busy by tossing zombies their way and uses his camera's flash to interrupt their attacks.

Rocket Racoon is a tough-talking space raccoon apart of the Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel comics. Being an accomplished marksmen and tactician, Rocket uses a variety of guns and traps in Ultimate MvC3. He can also burrow underground to avoid attacks or sneak up on an enemy.

The game offers a few new game modes to play with. The first is Heroes and Heralds, a single or multiplayer game that allows players to augments the stats and abilities of their team with a variety of cards. The power-ups include increased armor, invulnerability to projectiles or the ability to choose the same character for all three of your team slots. Players can either choose to be Heralds of Galactus or as Heroes defending the Earth from the planet-eating villain.

Speaking of Galactus a new mode will let gamers play as the galactic bad guy in his very own mode. Galactus was the game's end boss in MvC3 as he was so big only his upper torso and head could fit in the screen. Players will get to step into his planet-sized shoes and battle the Ultimate MvC3 universe. Since he is being given his own mode Galactus will not be joining the game roster, so he won't be available in the arcade or versus modes.

12 new characters are coming to Ultimate MvC3. That brings the total roster to 48 on-disc characters, along with two additional characters available as downloadable content. Other new characters include Doctor Strange, Phoenix Wright, Ghost Rider, Nemesis (from Resident Evil), Vergil and Hawkeye.

Ultimate MvC3 will launch on Nov. 15.