United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday said he's embarking on a Mideast tour to press for Israel and Hamas to immediately stop fighting and allow humanitarian aid into the devastated Palestinian territory.

According to Ban, he plans to step up diplomatic efforts to get both sides to adhere to a U.N. cease-fire resolution calling for an end to Israel's air and ground offensive in Gaza and Hamas' rocketing of southern Israel.

In a news conference Ban urged both sides to Just stop, now. Stating further that too many lives have been lost and many Palestinians and Israelis live in fear on a daily basis.

Since the start of the attacks, he ban has been in contact with top Middle East, Europe and United States officials but this time he wishes to make a stronger impact by going personally.

The secretary general wants to visit all the countries that can make a difference.

Ban will meet senior officials in Egypt, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian-controlled West Bank, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Kuwait.